J.P. Hutchins

Composer, Educator, Instrumentalist & Designer
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Piano or trumpet lessons for kids ages 6 - 111. Click here for information about tutoring in music theory, composition, or computer music.

J.P. Hutchins has been teaching modern piano and trumpet lessons to elementary school students in the Bay Area since 2008. J.P. travels to student's homes on the Peninsula. During the school year he teaches lessons each afternoon in Redwood City.

J.P.'s approach to teaching is unorthodox; here are some key principles:
1) Early music education should instill a love of music and should first and foremost encourage creativity and curiosity.
2) Young students should learn that music can be played in a variety of ways - one can learn a song by ear or from paper, one can compose or improvise their own music at any ability level, and one can change an existing song to their liking.
3) Music can always be an experiment. One learns which notes not to play by mistakingly playing them. By trying many different styles of music as well as different styles of learning music, one can choose to concentrate on the most rewarding practice.
4) As proper piano technique is learned each student will be encourged to improvise their own music in order to fully exercise the mind and fingers without the burden of memorized or written music.

Each student learns:
1) To recognize high and low notes, the movement of notes, and how to apply this to learning a song by ear, writing a new song, and reading music fluently.
2) To recognize the beat and rhythms in a song and relate them to everyday temporal concepts like walking or clocks.
3) Proper, efficient, and traditional control of the instrument.
4) Traditional music theory like chords and scales.
5) To improvise classical, jazz, minimalism, or their own genres.
6) That music is what you make of it - the more that you put into it, the more it becomes your own source of enjoyment.

E-mail jphutchins@gmail.com to schedule lessons.

In-home lesson rates:
$35 - 30 minutes
$45 - 45 minutes
$50 - 60 minutes
There is an additional transportation fee, based on distance traveled, that is not more than $10 for each visit. For example, a 30 minute lesson may cost as much as $45 for each lesson.

Sliding scale rates as low as:
$15-$35 - 30 minutes
$23-$45 - 45 minutes
$30-$50 - 60 minutes
(not including transportation fee)